August 2014

Sentinel-1 TOPS Interferogram

Results Description

This is one of the first Sentinel-1A TOPS interferograms. It is computed by combining two radar images of the northern coast of Norway acquired by on 11 August and 23 August 2014. Although Sentinel-1A is still being commissioned, this new result clearly demonstrates usefulness and applicability of Sentinel-1 TOPS mode to map the shape of the land and monitor ground movement.

One of the InSARap pilot sites, Nordnes, is situated in the Lyngen Alps, in the rightmost part of the interferogram. The area is particularly prone to landslides, and the particularly dangerous landslide at Nordnes is subject to an extensive in-situ monitoring program.

And as a final remark, please have a look at the ‘interferometric’ fly-through through the Norwegian fjords. Indeed what else can demonstrate better the full potential of InSAR than a 3D video.


Sentinel-1 interferometric results are Derived Works of Copernicus data (2015), subject to the following use conditions: "TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF SENTINEL DATA".