November 2014

Fogo Volcano eruption observed by Sentinel-1

Results Description

The potential and capability of Sentinel-1 TOPS for geophysical applications has yet again been demonstrated. This beautiful interferogram was computed by combining two radar images acquired over the Fogo Island during the time of a volcanic eruption. Specifically, it was computed by combining images acquired on 3rd and 27th of November, both in a ascending Interferometric Wide Swath mode.

Together with the Napa Valley Earthquake study, and now with the satellite in the operational stage, the full potential of Sentinel-1 for relief efforts has been once again unequivocally demonstrated.

While more information on the interpretation and geophysical modeling will soon follow, for more context you can refer to the Copernicus EMS "The MIA-VITA Monitoring Seismic Network of Fogo Volcano" project, and watch the actual footage of the eruption.

Project and analysis of the eruption of Fogo volcano was covered by ESA WEB story in December 2014.


Sentinel-1 interferometric results are Derived Works of Copernicus data (2015), subject to the following use conditions: "TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF SENTINEL DATA".