August / December 2014

Sentinel-1 InSAR on a Continental Scale

Results Description

This 1400km x 250km interferogram covers the Center and South parts of Italy including Sicily, and captures large parts of Slovenia and Croatia. It starts by just capturing a small part of Malta, and ends in the Alps over Slovenia and Austria. In total 8 consecutive IW SLC slices were used in the interferogram formation, specifically, data takes from 09-Aug-2014 and 21-Aug-2014. Notably, this interferogram was computed as a single dataset.

The impressive scale, coverage and coherence clearly demonstrate the potential of Sentinel-1 for many remote sensing and interferometric applications. It also clearly introduces, what will be perhaps be the major challenge in interpretation and analysis of Sentinel-1 interferometric data, and that is the mitigation of the atmospheric effects.

Also, for a slow TV fans, an interferometric fly-through results is available on YouTube, in a short 90 seconds version, and a super slow 2.5 hours version.


Sentinel-1 interferometric results are Derived Works of Copernicus data (2015), subject to the following use conditions: "TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF SENTINEL DATA".